Meteor NanoSlim

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The Meteor NanoSlim raincoat protects from wind, rain and dirt. It is light yet strong and comfortable. The NanoSlim raincoats feature D.GS' "stay-clean" nano treatment Repelz-It making our fabrics more resistant to dirt, stains, liquid and pet odor.

Our NanoSlim features a contoured elastic tail cutout and enhanced elastic body panels around the neck and chest for a great fit.  Top central hexagon-pattern panel is made out of our retroreflective Meteor fabric.

The coat has a high collar with neck and head toggle drawstrings for ease of use and a better fit.


D.GS Retroreflective Technology 


Utilizing thousands of highly reflective microscopic beads, the Meteor jacket has a glowing effect at night. When a light beam hits reflective material, the light bounces back to the source. The light bounces off the tiny beads and reflects back like a mirror. It is called a Retroreflection. It will help keep dogs safe during night walks.