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Introducing The Chill Kuzzi Round Bed for Dogs: Where Canine Comfort Meets Scientific Innovation 

Welcome to a new era of pet comfort, where the Chill Kuzzi bed collection blends style with cutting-edge technology. Thoughtfully designed deep and plush so dogs can really sink in and feel the effects of forward thinking, these beds incorporate Far Infrared Reflecting bio-mineral advancements to enhance your furry friend's overall well-being. 

Scientifically Crafted for Canine Comfort and Calm

The Far Infrared Reflecting technology utilized in our innovative Chill Kuzzi beds operates on the principle of infrared wavelengths deeply penetrating your dog's body tissues. This gentle warmth stimulates improved blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and fosters overall well-being. The scientifically-backed approach ensures a therapeutic environment suitable for dogs of varying sizes and breeds.

chill kuzzi FIR image

This proprietary Chill Kuzzi bio-mineral finish is coated on the cozy fur inside the beds. This novel finish captures, stores, and reflects a dog’s own energy back deep into tissue to stimulate cells. This infrared reflecting bio-mineral technology gently and positively activates circulation to hasten the reduction of cortisol levels which has been shown to lessen anxiety and fearfulness.

diagram of chill kuzzi FIR on skin

In addition, multiple studies have shown that this type of gentle therapy has contributed to animal wellness in a a variety of ways:

Calming Anxiety: the subtle warmth promotes a sense of security, ideal for alleviating anxiety in dogs.

Healing Aches and Pains: far infrared therapy addresses joint pain, arthritis, and muscle discomfort, offering relief for senior dogs or those with mobility challenges.

Muscle Relaxation: promotes muscle relaxation, making it beneficial for active dogs after physical exertion.

Energy Restoration: increased circulation nourishes muscles by flushing lactic acid and reducing muscle fatigue , ensuring your dog wakes up rejuvenated and ready for daily activities.

Comfort Doesn't Come Last

And the Chill Kuzzi Round Bed isn't just smart, it's just as great looking and comfortable as it is techy. The upholstered exterior looks great in any room and the plush, fur-like interior is a great nesting space with strong, durable walls for excellent head support.

So let your dog sink in and soak in the rays! Snooze sessions will offer restorative and calming benefits to your pup.

Small: 23" wide and 12" deep
Medium: 30" wide and 13" deep
Large: 36" wide and 15" deep

Washing Instructions:

Remove inner pillow using the hidden zipper deep in the pillow area. 
Machine wash bed separately in cold water.
Use a normal amount of mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
Tumble dry on low heat.
Shake and air out inner pillow before re-inserting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing technology seems to work

I don't know if it's the infrared or just the puffiness but this bed really worked for our anxious pittie during the fireworks. Past years she has panted and huffed while hiding in her corner or pacing the kitchen and this year she actually slept in this bed during the loudest nights. Winner winner!

Kerri McNeil
Car Anxiety Gone!

We have a 2 year old rescue Saluki from the middle east. She had never been in a car before coming to Canada and as a result was always anxious on car rides. She would whine, stand, drool, and pant anytime we got into the vehicle.

We bought this bed on a whim. We had a 6 hour car trip in front of us and we couldn't bear to see her in distress on those trips, so I was ready to try anything to make the trip easier for her and us.

She now lays down in her bed and looks out the window or sleeps on car rides. No more anxiety.

We purchased a medium bed for our girl. She is 45lbs and 24 inches tall to the shoulders. She loves this bed.

Her brother also got one because it wouldn't be fair to leave him out. No issues with him. He just loves the added comfort!

Milli Keene
Amazing technology

I don't know if this works as advertised but I do know my normally clingy Corgi loooves to sleep in this fabulous round bed. She does seem less anxious when left alone to doze.