Frequently Asked Questions


How does Repelz-It work?

Think of your favorite non-stick pan. That's what Repelz-It does for our beds and outerwear. 

Repelz-It Nano Protection is embedded deep into the fabric, making the surface of our beds and outerwear water and stain resistant. Dirt and other “sticky” messes just slide right off, making cleaning a quick job.

How does Repelz-It help with odor control?

Repelz-It prevents dirt and other tough "stuff" from sticking to the fabric, which keeps Repelz-It pet products looking and smelling clean.

The most common pet odor - "doggie smell" or wet dog smell - is not produced by the animal but by the bacteria that attacks the natural oil in the animal’s coat. When this oil is transferred to a bed or jacket, the fabric itself acts as breeding ground for bacteria. Repelz-It Nano Protection contains a bacteriostatic that reduces the growth and spread of odor causing bacteria. Less bacteria, less odor.

Is Repelz-It Nano Protection pet safe?

No amount of protection is worth it if it’s not safe. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) are suspected carcinogens found in other stay-clean fabric finishes. Repelz-It Nano Protection is PFOA and PFOS free. Our products are non-toxic, pet- and people-safe, and environmentally friendly.

Are Repelz-It products waterproof?

Repelz-It products are water-resistant, not waterproof. Any liquid sprayed or spilled on a fabric protected by Repelz-It will simply bead away. Persistent submersion will penetrate the fabric.

Can I wash Repelz-It pet products?

D.GS fabrics using Repelz-It can be machine washed and dried. Because these fabrics don’t get as dirty and smelly as regular fabrics, you
 don’t have to wash these pet products as often. Use a small amount of regular detergent and be sure not to use bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets, as these will ruin the Repelz-It finish.

Our bed liners and fill cannot be washed,
 but should be shaken out and aired.

How long does the Repelz-It finish remain functional?

Repelz-It Technology is impregnated into the fabric, meaning it won’t come off or wear away with use. Repelz-It Nano Protection can remain functional up to 50 washing cycles. Fabrics with Repelz-It retain their soft, natural feel and are 100% breathable.

Does Repelz-It have a guarantee?

D.GS products using Repelz-It Technology are 100% guaranteed to be easier to keep cleaner than any other similar pet product you’ve owned in the past.

Meteor Reflective Technology

Does Meteor glow in the dark?

No, it doesn't glow in the dark in the traditional sense like a Halloween skeleton or children's stickers. Meteor reflects light back to the source, giving the appearance of glowing.

So how does Meteor Reflective Technology work?

Have you ever shined a flashlight at a dog or cat and been greeted with glowing yellow-green eyes? That's called Eye Shine (or retroreflection), and it is the basic idea behind Meteor Reflective Technology. Read more here.

Dirty Dog

What makes your Dirty Dog Doormats so special? 

The secret of our Dirty Dog Doormat is the special blend of fibers we use. Our original Dirty dog Doormats are made of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide.

We don't cut corners or try and get away with cheaper alternatives. Nothing soaks up the mess like our blend so we don't use anything but our blend.

How do I wash my Dirty Dog Doormat?

The Dirty Dog Doormat is going to get dirty. It's expected. Feet and paws, day and night - it's inevitable that you need to was it. That's why we've made the Dirty Dog Doormat machine washable.

Our small, medium, and large sizes can be washed in any home or apartment washer. The size of the runners require a higher capacity machine, so if in doubt of the capacity of your at home machine, opt for a laundromat high capacity machine that can fit the runner with room to spare.

Machine wash separately in cold water. Use a gentle detergent and never use bleach or fabric softener. Hang to dry. Do not machine dry or use an iron.

Is there a faster way to dry my Dirty Dog Doormat?

We get it. Our Dirty dog Doormats hold on to moisture really well. Almost too well. It can take almost 48 hours to dry if not placed in the sun.

Using two spin cycles can help speed up the process.

Hang flat in direct sun.