i'm Gismo Handle with Poop Bag Dispenser

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Everything you need to walk your dog can now be held in one hand

Walking your dog should be fun. Exercise and bonding with your buddy at one time, what can be better?

Unless you forget something you needed back home. Or need to carry so much that you have to juggle as you walk.

Gismo, a leash holder + system, is the first dog-walking system that carries your leash and many connectables. Gismo is a revolutionary modular leash holder that helps you carry your dog-walking gear. With multiple configurations, the Gismo is adaptable to every dog walk and lifestyle need.

Gismo starter kit includes handle, single stainless steel carabiner and poop bag dispenser with carry clip. No more juggling when walking your dog! The Gismo Leash Holder + System brings the next evolution in style and convenience to your dog walking experience.

The light ergonomic silicone grip provides unmatched comfort in your hand while the innovative interchangeable accessories help make sure you have exactly what you need to enjoy taking your furry friend for a stroll without cluttering your hands or pockets.

The patented rail sliding system and rotating carabiner gives your playful pooch increased freedom without tangling your hand in the leash or tugging your arm unexpectedly.

Customize leash holder + system: All-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort. You can customize leash holder system by adding any of the Gismo connectables.

Simply connect any fixed-length leash using the provided carabiner, attach the desired accessories, and away you go. Carry all your dog-walking gear in one hand and start enjoying your dog walks.

  •  supreme comfort: my soft silicone grip comfortably fits hands of all sizes. i am super lightweight and easy to carry. my grip eliminates hand soreness and chafing commonly seen when holding leashes.
  • leash carabiner: my specifically designed carabiner can hold any dog weighing up to 85lbs.  replace my standard carabiner with my dual leash carabiner to freely walk two dogs in one hand. i recommend a 3ft leash or shorter to walk with me.
  • freedom: my sliding and pivoting carabiner absorbs your dog's abrupt movements, offering an amazing sense of freedom. pulling and tugging become more manageable with my patented rail sliding system.
  • multi-function button: use my multi-function button for many things. you must pair my button with one of my connectables, and it will change my function.
  • poop bag dispenser connectable (included) : i am your poop bag dispenser. i easily hold one standard poop bag roll. tearing a poop bag is easy with me exceptional pull and tear design.
  • poop bag carry clip (featured on connectable) : i will help you carry a used poop bag. hinge the poop bag under my clip so you don't have to carry the mess.


How to use the Gismo Leash Holder + System


How to user your Gismo Starter Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Raise your hand for a dog gone smart tool

Vey handy leash tool. I like that you can switch out flashlight for clicker when going from day to night. Can't wait for more add-ons. Maybe a pooper scooper attachment?

Janice M
Good (but not great) design

Does what it says. Very handy to use with active dog. You should offer multiple sizes of grip for us with smaller hands.

Parker and King
Great Gift Idea

After years of classes and training courses it took this ingenius device to make our daily walk a gift. I honestly don't know how we did without it all these years. The rail system works as advertised and just absorbs the pulls and jostles so my dogs seem calmer even if theyre not. I know just what I am giving all my fur parent friends as gifts this year.

Stephanie Schnaible
Great for night walking safety

My dog and I often walk late in the evening and early morning, so the flashlight is a must for being seen by passing cars and picking up his “deposits”. Which is why I’m aggravated that my nephew lost the flashlight attachment. Is it possible to purchase a new attachment?

Smart and Very Convenient

My dog used to jerk my arm and shoulder whenever he'd lunge at another animal. This handle seems to cushion it so there's less stress on my arm. I find the poop bag dispenser convenient, especially the hook where I can hang a used bag and free my other hand. The handle is convenient when I have to wear gloves since I no longer have to squeeze my hand through the loop on my leash.