Dirty Dog Donut Bed

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Pets and pet parents love The Original Dirty Dog Doormat. Our soft, plush microfiber made the mats and runners not only effective at capturing mess and cleaning paws on the move, they quickly became a comfortable and favorite place to take rest.

The Dirty Dog Bedding Collection takes that comfort to a new level.

Microfiber feels as soft and gentle as the coziest cotton or down but the synthetic, allergen-free material is tough enough to last for years. It has naturally-occurring anti-microbial properties due to the unique characteristics of these tiny fibers.

A bed is just a natural evolution for something so velvety and comfortable.

We upgraded the interior with a high density cushion for maximum comfort. Quilted suede fabric sides ensure these beds are as elegant as they are tough. The Dirty Dog Donut Bed is a popular option for dogs that love to feel completely surrounded and nested. The bolstered sides are filled with plush wadding which allow for soft cradling all the way around. The center pillow uses a polyfill that maintains shape and lift.


  • Comfortable Dirty Dog fabric on the top
  • Heavy duty fabric on bottom and sides for durability
  • Hidden zipper pocket on outer cover eliminates chewing/ripping at the  zipper
  • Removable outer cover is machine washable