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Introducing A New Dog to Your Pack

Prep the Pack

Introducing the new dog can start before he even enters the home. 


Bring something into your house that has the adopted dog’s scent on it, whether it’s just a towel or blanket you rub on the pet or an actual belonging from that dog’s current environment. 


You should also ensure any pets in your home are updated on their vaccinations to ensure the dog is coming into a safe environment.


Make It Neutral

When a new animal is brought into your household, your existing pets’ protective instincts may kick in. For that reason, it’s often best to introduce pets to the new dog on neutral territory. 


If possible, take them on a walk together or introduce them offsite at a location like a dog park. You can then get a feel for how well the dogs get along, while also getting that initial introduction out of the way. Then when you bring the new dog into your home, he’ll be a familiar sight.


Avoid Large Gatherings

What about the human members of your pack? Avoid bringing your new dog into your home when you have a lot of non-household members milling about. 


Instead, give your new family member time to get to know immediate family members, then gradually bring other people around later. If you have strangers over while your pet is adjusting, keep him in his kennel in a quiet area of the house during the gathering. 


If you’re bringing a new dog home, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to provide a safe, comfortable environment.