Dirty Dog Doormat

The Original - Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

The Dirty Dog Doormat is the original, and still the best. Don't be fooled by other brands that use 100% polyester fabric. The Dirty Dog Doormat line has a highly absorbent blend of fibers that makes all the difference.

And Dirty Dog doesn't stop at the doorway. Customers have placed Dirty Dog Doormats in sleeping areas, in front of bath tubs, under food and water bowls, in crates, and in trucks.

So we have made a Dirty Dog Doormat for every occasion. 

But we didn't stop with doormats. The Dirty Dog line now includes the only towel you'll ever need, a multipurpose mitt, crate pads for when you want a little more cushion, and beds for when you need the ultimate softness and support.