Dirty Dog 3-in-1 Car Seat Cover and Hammock

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Don't leave your buddy behind because of the mess!

The Dirty Dog Seat Cover helps keep your car seats free from dirt, mud, water, slobber, and fur while your pet rides comfortably in the back seat.

The seating area is made of our cozy and highly absorbent Dirty Dog microfiber fabric, which dogs love to snuggle on. And just like our Dirty Dog Doormats, the extremely absorbent shag features the wicking power of thousands of microfiber strands that soak up many times their weight and gently brush off dirt and grime. Keeping it off your expensive car interior!

The hammock feature prevents Sparky from jumping into the front, which can be  a major safety issue. And a different type of mess waiting to happen.

The back rest area and hammock panel are made of durable Oxford water-proof fabric so no part of your seating area goes unprotected.

A zipper allows you to only put up a half-hammock in case your pup wants company in the back.

The Dirty Dog 3-in-1 Car Seat Cover and Hammock sports 4 snap buckles to keep the hammock securely in place. The non-slip (and non-marking!) rubber bottom prevents the cover from shifting or bunching. Plus, 2 seat anchors tuck into the seat crevices to prevent shifting under paw.

We even include hook-and-loop openings for the car seat belts so you can use a car leash if you want.

Comfort. Convenience. Safety.

Why leave your co-pilot behind?

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Donald Sudbury
Nice product

I have to agree with several of your comments. I too had an issue with one of the buckles. The clip broke immediately as I was installing it. I never thought to contact customer service. I did manage to find a close match that works although the color is wrong but am able to use the cover. My little dogs love it.

Good product, better customer service

Got the car seat cover and loved it. Buckle broke and I was disappointed. Customer Service replaced it with new and improved buckle. Happy again. I tested it by applying pressure and yanking suddenly and it has held up. Should be good to go now! Great job standing by your stuff.


Love love this brand. However, the car seat needs updates to its hardware (buckles etc).
Dogs jumping in has busted buckles twice!

Bought one, buckled snapped within a month. Store exchanged for a new one, this didn't even last a week.
Hopefully they'll take back another one. Not sure if I even want to get a new one sadly 😔

Have all the mats at home, but the car seat is not meeting my expectations at all

Lance H
Love it

It's perfect! Works as expected and even better than I imagined because my dog Pippin loves his Dirty Dog bed. Instead of pacng the back seat he lays down and stays down. Fantastic product. will tell all my friends.

Lauri Gordon
Idea was good but....

I purchased my Dirty Dawg 3in1 seat cover at Cal Ranch in Utah for $89.99. It lasted 3 months. The stitching did not hold up near the zipper area (should have used a heavy duty thread perhaps nylon?) I have yet to find a durable pet seat cover for my truck.

Thanks for letting us know. The new generations of car seat covered have been significantly bulked up (stitching and hardware) to better handle a rambunctious 100 pound dog.