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Use i'm Gismo’s Ball Thrower connectable for fun and exercise!

Play is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. And the classic game of fetch is a guaranteed good time for you and your pup. Now you can now bring a telescopic launcher with you when you are out for a walk so that you are always ready for a quick round of chase the ball.

Acting like an extension of your arm, this dog gone smart tool mechanically improves your throwing speed and distance with less effort, so dogs are challenged to run farther and faster for exercise. Fun and sport in one. With practice, it's possible to fling a tennis ball as far as 100 feet, tiring out the most fetch-happy pooch in a quick session. 

The Gismo ball thrower is a great add-on for your Gismo leash holder + system. Made out of high-quality plastic for great flex and using the Gismo's ergonomic design lets you launch tennis balls farther and stay cleaner with the no-slobber-pick-up design.

Ball Thrower Features

  • Easy to Carry: the telescopic arm lets the thrower be stowed or carried without being in the way and extends to full size with a flick.
  • Snap-On Quick Connect: Attaches to i'm Gismo with a secure click and stays secure...no matter how hard or far you throw.
  • Quick Pick Up: The flexible arm and unique cup design makes it easy on your back to pick up a ball hundreds of times without bending over. And it keeps your hand off the mud and slobber.

So say goodbye to slobbery and slimy games of fetch. The multi-purpose design of the Gismo Ball Thrower means you'll never have to pick up a wet and grimy tennis ball again. You'll throw farther for a longer time and keep hands drool-free, all without wearing out your pitching arm.

Great on your back too since there's no need to bend over and pick up balls. Simply place the cup over the ball and press down. The ball thrower cup snaps around the ball and holds on, ready for the next throw.

Playing fetch is great exercise, awesome bonding, and a whole lot of fun! The i'm Gismo leash holder + ball thrower makes fetch a SNAP!

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