The Most Convenient Dog Collar Around

The Dirty Dog Cushion is an ultra plush antimicrobial microfiber travel cushion and crate pad. And of our most anticipated products for the year.

D.GS makes great stuff for dogs. Smart things. Innovative things. Things that dogs love to use. Things that make being a dog easier. Things that make caring for a dog easier.

Less messy. Less dirty. More Comfy!

The Dirty Dog Cushion is a great example of that.

When we launched the Dirty Dog Doormats, our customer loved how they magically cleaned their pets' paws and kept their floors and surfaces clean. People used them everywhere - from kitchens and bathrooms to garages and truck beds. Then we noticed something...dogs absolutely loved laying around on them. They found the microfiber "fingers" soft and comforting.

And the idea for the Dirty Dog Cushion was born.

Cozy and Convenient

Dirty Dog Cushion Pad

Dirty Dog Meets Comfy Dog

    • Antimicrobial microfiber cushion pad with a thick insert
    • Removable cover for easy machine washing and water resistant liner
    • Anti-skid bottom helps keep cushion in place on wood, tile, or carpeting
    • Fits most standard crate sizes

    Let's Get Comfortable