Dirty Dog Doormats

The Original

Dirty Dog Doormat Pacific Blue


Welcome Your Pet But NOT The Mess!

The Dirty Dog Doormat™ from Dog Gone Smart soaks up mud and dirt, so the MESS stays in the MAT keeping floors clean & dry!

What's the Trick?

Our Advanced Microfiber Technology traps water and mud instantly! Millions of soft microfiber strands create an extra large super-sponge. For use just about anywhere! 

It's more than just a doormat--for use in cars, crates and under food and water bowls!

Protect your floors, furniture and car seats from unwanted hair, dirt and slobber!

The Dirty Dog Doormat™ is better than the competition!





Dirty Dog Doormats are available in the following colors:



Pacific Blue


 Sizes Available: Medium:  31" x 20"  Large:     35" x 26"


Dirty Dog Runners are available in the following colors: Double the Size for Double the Dirt!



Pacific Blue


 Sizes Available: Runner:   60" x 30"



Dealer Option: Shipper displays are available for Dirty Dog Doormats

Displays are available in 2 sizes: Large Display and Medium Display

Our Large Display holds 27 pieces of the 35" x26"/large doormats (9 Pacific Blue, 9 brown, 9 grey)

Our medium display holds 15 pieces of the 31"x 20"/medium doormats (5 Pacific, 5 brown, 5 grey)