Meteor Reflective Technology

D.GS Pet Products is the industry leader in applying advanced technologies to solve common pet problems.

Our newest innovation - Meteor Reflective Technology - applies science to keep dogs and dog-walkers safer when walking at night.

Most reflective safety gear on the market uses what is known as diffuse reflection to disperse the rays of light that hits an object in many directions to make that object appear brighter than it is.

Have you ever shown a flashlight at a dog or cat and been greeted with glowing yellow-green eyes? That's called Eye Shine (or retroreflection), and it is the answer to safer night walking.


Meteor Light Reflection

The back of a dog or cats eyeballs is coated with a special layer of cells that help them see better at night. When light hit these cells, the light bounces straight back to the source, giving the animal's retina double exposure to the sight and producing that eerie glow.

By utilizing thousands of highly reflective microscopic beads to simulate the cells in a nocturnal animal's eye, our Meteor line of jackets has a glowing effect at night. When a light beam hits the reflective coating on the back of the bead, the light bounces straight back to the source. When the source of light are headlights, it means drivers can see our jacket-wearing dogs clearer from a greater distance.

Safe Night Walks

Without Meteor

Without Meteor

With Meteor

With Meteor