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Unveiling the Chill Kuzzi Throw Blanket: Cozy Comfort Infused with Far Infrared Technology

Cuddle up with your pup and enjoy the healing power of the Chill Kuzzi Throw Blanket - with far infrared technology - that helps your pooch to relax more easily, calm down faster, and improves overall wellness.

Crafted with thought, these blankets combine style with cutting-edge Far Infrared reflecting bio-mineral technology, providing your furry friend with the ultimate cozy haven. Our innovative Chill Kuzzi technology supports better overall dog health by using naturally-occurring FIR Therapy (Far Infrared Rays) to stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow.

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The proprietary bio-mineral finish that is coated inside our soft Chill Kuzzi blankets captures, stores, and reflects a dog’s own energy back deep into tissue to stimulate cells. This infra-red reflecting bio-mineral technology gently and positively activates circulation to hasten the reduction of cortisol levels which has been shown to lessen anxiety and fearfulness. This innovative approach enhances blood circulation, reduces stress, and contributes to an overall sense of well-being, making it the perfect addition to your dog's relaxation routine

diagram of chill kuzzi FIR on skin

In addition, multiple studies have shown that this type of gentle therapy has contributed to animal wellness in a a variety of ways:

Calming Softness: the plush feel of the blanket, combined with Far Infrared technology, creates a calming experience for your dog. 

Healing Warmth: Far Infrared therapy promotes healing and provides relief for dogs with muscle discomfort or joint pain. 

Relaxing Retreat: FIR therapy ensures a relaxing retreat, making it an ideal companion for anxious or stressed dogs. 

Restorative Sleep: The soothing touch of the blanket promotes better sleep, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for play.

So cuddle up! Snuggling time will offer restorative and calming benefits to your pup. And it's so soft, you'll want to steal this blanket for yourself.

Medium: 30" x 40"
Large: 40" x 50" 


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